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Hokkaido Events Corporation


Chairman: Kazuhiko Konno

  1. Organize sports events that utilize the potential resources of Hokkaido (planning, managing, operation, etc.), attract domestic and international visitors through sports tourism, revitalize the region by increasing the number of people who interact with each other and promoting long-term stays, create new businesses that will result from these events, and develop the necessary human resources through cooperation with the region's industry, government, and academia.
  2. We will contribute to the development of the sports industry in Hokkaido through sports-related activities such as the sound upbringing of children and the realization of a lifelong sports society through sports exchange, the fostering of top athletes, and the attraction of training camps and conventions, while at the same time raising the value of the region's existence and creating a more livable city through the revitalization of the local economy.
  1. Event and convention planning, management, marketing and management business
  2. Sports entertainment managing/operating business
  3. Attracting and coordinating sports training camps
  4. Planning, design and supervising sports facilities
  5. Management and operation of sports facilities
  6. Sports-related information promotion business
  7. Research and survey on sports
  8. Sports club management business
  9. Sports classes Management
  10. Sports trainer training projects
  11. Sales of sports equipments
  12. Production and sales of sports-related photos and videos
  13. Advertising and publishing sports-related information
  14. Operational Support for Sports Organizations
  15. Management of sports-related intellectual properties
  16. Athlete Management Business
  17. Music event planning, operation and management business
  18. Travel agency and agency business under the Travel Agency Law
  19. Businesses incidental or related to the businesses listed in the preceding items
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15-3, Kita-1 Nishi-2 , Kutchan-cho, Abuta-gun, Hokkaido 044-0051, JAPAN


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Weekdays: 10AM - 6PM
Weekends & Holidays: Closed


+81 136-55-6081


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